Research claims that Queen Elizabeth II is far more interesting than Oprah

Research claims that Queen Elizabeth II is far more interesting than Oprah

Interestingly, research conducted in Germany also found that Queen Elizabeth II's brand is bigger than Beyoncé's.

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After Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview around their time within the royal family, all eyes have been on Queen Elizabeth II. Earlier this month, the 95-year-old monarch laid her 99-year-old husband Prince Philip to rest and it seems that the world continues to be obsessed with how the British monarchy is run.

Comparing the Queen to Oprah may seem a little ridiculous, as they are so different from one another in terms of the circles they operate in, but this is what German research platform Statistica did in an analysis on the British monarch for True Royalty TV – and the results reveal that people find the Queen way more interesting than the talk show host.

The research found that Queen Elizabeth II inspired more conversation and her brand was more popular than the biggest names in entertainment and pop culture – including Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates, and Barack and Michelle Obama.

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However, the findings by Statistica were not taken well by those who have criticised the royal family since Harry and Meghan dropped some major bombshells about the firm and the sex scandal brought upon the royal family by the queen’s son, Prince Andrew.

People said the monarch didn’t “work hard” for her money unlike Oprah, who has often shared how she started from nothing and built an empire on hard work and determination.

That said, the royal family is worth a staggering R1.4-billion and, as its top executive for nearly 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II's wealth, derived from private country estates such as Balmoral and Sandringham, as well as vast collections of jewels, paintings, and even stamps, is worth approximately R780-billion.

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“Oprah worked for her brand, the Queen was handed a title and privilege on a silver platter. The queen wears a stolen South African diamond, Oprah built a school in South Africa. No comparison here,” someone commented on social media. Another added: “Wow. So Oprah by herself managed to attain 1/3 of the power of countless generations of inbred "royals" living off stolen wealth? What a legend.”

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