Paying it forward, one bridal dress at a time...

Paying it forward, one bridal dress at a time...

A beautiful story of making someone else feel special on their wedding day...

Woman posing in her wedding dress
Woman posing in her wedding dress/Facebook/@gwendolyn.toner

We all know that when it comes to a bride's wedding day, there is nothing more important than the dress. 

So when this bride, Gwendolyn Stulgis, found her dream dress, she had to have it. It was over her $1,000 budget, but she loved it way too much to let it pass her.

After using it to marry her person and sharing that she felt absolutely gorgeous in it, she wanted to pass it on to another bride so that they may perhaps feel the same...

Instead of boxing up her $3,000 wedding dress, where it would sit in the back of a closet, she wanted to spread some joy. 

She put up the above post asking brides-to-be to send their nominations or motivations as to who deserves the dress the most. Gwendolyn said that she would read everyone's submissions and make a decision. 

It seems her post had a huge response, and 72 submissions later, she chose her winner.

She also did not want the other brides to feel less than worthy. So she started a Facebook group so that other wives could share their wedding dress with brides-to-be for free...

Just one act of goodness snowballing into another.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Facebook:

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With everything going on in the world, it certainly is endearing to see that some people are just going over and beyond to make others feel special. 

Paying it forward one happy memory at a time.

The wedding dress was delivered to the bride-to-be last week, check out the pics below. 

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