Bride on a budget: R730 wedding dress and a R7 723 wedding

Bride on a budget: R730 wedding dress and a R7 723 wedding

Tying the knot without breaking the bank...

Wedding on a budget goes viral
Wedding on a budget goes viral / kiara_bk

Weddings can be very pricey but this Bride-to-be has made it work on a budget.

With a day more magical than ever, this bride made it work while cutting costs. 

See this gorgeous dress below for only R730 ($47)...

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@kiarabrk Reply to @maalikaelise dress included! $47 on @SHEIN 🤩🤩 #weddingtiktok #weddingdress #cheapwedding #blackbride ♬ audio credit is rennyxaudios - 70s80s90s00s

Kiara and Joel Brokenbrough were able to pull everything off their big day for just R7 764,19 ($500).

The average wedding costs R465 851,40 ($30 000) in the United States of America. This couple had the best day for a fraction of that cost. 

We can definitely take a page out of @kiarabk 's book when it comes to a special day in our own families.

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"Our goal was to just be as minimal as possible," Kiara told "Good Morning America." "And to spend the least amount of money as possible."

While putting a focus of not wanting to go into debt with their union, the couple felt so stress-free and happy with how they want about their wedding. 

Kiara shared the inside scoop with us below:

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Millions of people on TikTok where stunned with this couples tips and tricks. 

Despite cutting costs, this couple did not settle for cutting the fun at their wedding and had a truly momentous occasion.

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