PARENTING: Play time during the holidays can get awkward when kids get unruly

PARENTING: Play time during the holidays can get awkward when kids get unruly

Do you have playdates for your kids? 

PARENTING: Play time during the holidays can get awkward when kids get unruly
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Playdates are meant to be fun and engaging for kids. It allows them to let loose and enjoy time with their friends in a relaxed environment. And, of course, as if we are not tired of hearing it, the pandemic has pretty much taken away a lot of our freedom. 

And as adults we can adapt and move forward. But the thing is that with kids, it's not easy to explain why they cannot see their friends whenever they want to. The seriousness of it all can be stressful for both parents and most definitely for children. 

For the only child, it can be difficult to find that companionship, and that is why playdates are a perfect solution. Kids thrive on playing and the excitement that comes with meeting their friends, is both endearing and sweet. 

But when it comes to family get togethers, it's a given that children will migrate to one another and start playing. But it can be tricky because you cannot take for granted that all the children will behave the way you want them to. So that awkward position that many parents have had to face, where you are unhappy with the way another child is playing with your kid. 

Being in full control as a parent is pretty much a far fetched thought. Not for the lack of trying but because we cannot control how a child will act when placed in a new, unfamiliar environment. So this holiday season, pending what the President says, make sure to keep your kids in their comfort areas. 

This way you can manage the situation better because you are in chartered territory. If you are placed in a position where another child is acting out and disregarding the rules, then at first, repeat the rules to the children. If they still persist on behaving badly, ignoring your supervision, then you should stop play time. 

Of course, the awkwardness comes in when you feel like it's not your place to tell another person's child that they should not be doing that, or that they should be more respectful...But parenting our own children is challenging at times, so we advise that no one take on that parent's hat in times such as these. 

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The best thing to do in this circumstance is to remove your child from the situation and politely inform the other child why you removing your child from the playtime. Also, delivery is everything, so don't communicate from a place of emotion but rather a place of calm. 

Being kind and mindful of other parents' circumstance is also important. Not everyone parents the same way, so don't parent bash, make sure to control what is within your control and leave the rest up to the adults in the room. Figure out what your responsibility is and make that your priority. 

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