PARENTING: When parents let their kids play on the floor at a restaurant...

PARENTING: When parents let their kids play on the floor at a restaurant...

Would you say something to the parents if you were in the same position?

PARENTING: When parents let their kids play on the floor at a restaurant...
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It's not easy being a parent. For some reason, everyone around you, even strangers, think that they have a role to play in telling you how to parent. So there comes a time in the life of a parent when you decide to do what you think is best and ignore all the so-called experts...

Those moments of extreme judgment usually present themselves when you are out in public with the kids. It seems that it is at this time that we all feel very opinionated about the way others do things. 

This is what we got from a recent video on TikTok. The video shows a woman expressing her frustration at a family, whose kids were playing on the floor. The takeaway from the video is that she was more frustrated at the parents than the kids, because they were allowing the kids to play on the floor. 

From what we saw, the kids were minding their own business, playing silently, not causing a riot or being disruptive in terms of noise. We think that the frustration came in because they were playing in the way of the servers and maybe the fact that they were causing a mess. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of TikTok):


The servers trampling over them and the parents giving THEM dirty looks lol. Also the mindless screaming for past Hour. ##cheesecakefactory ##kids

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It got us thinking about when Carol Ofori said that before becoming a parent, she too had moments where she had opinions about how parents would parent. But after becoming a mother, she realised that it is in fact a different ball game...

The thing that gets to us is why are we so opinionated when it comes to how other people should be living their lives, when in fact we should be looking inward and being concerned about how we are living our lives. 

Just some food for thought...

Let those parents be, their kids aren't being rowdy or wild, and we bet if they were, that would be the issue here. If you cannot deal, then go to a restaurant that caters for adults only.

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