PARENTING: Have you met Unisa's youngest student?

PARENTING: Have you met Unisa's youngest student?

A little girl has stolen the hearts of Unisa with her cute video...

PARENTING: Have you met Unisa's youngest student?
TikTok Screenshot/@tshelo_tshego_mankuroan

We love being a part of all things cute and wonderful and one of those things is kids... They manage to brighten up our days and make us feel better about pretty much anything. 

More than that, they remind us about how we need to be living. Life is about being free and not taking things seriously. As much as they are young, kids are definitely the ones with the wisdom. They have a wealth of knowledge about the simple things in life, the things that truly matter. 

This little sweetheart has become a sensation online after a video that her mother took was shared online. Little Botshelo Mankuroane is now being called Unisa's youngest student. 

Her mother, Boitumelo Thelma Mankuroane, videoed her getting ready for pre-school. 

"Before leaving the house, Boitumelo noticed that Botshelo’s had put her Unisa assignments in her school backpack. Intrigued by how Botshelo could possibly justify taking the Unisa materials to school, Boitumelo quickly reached for her phone to record their conversation." (Unisa)

Little Botshelo shares with her mother that she is taking her mother's Unisa assignments to Unisa, to show her teacher. The video is a true sentiment behind the innocence and playfulness that children often bring to our lives. 

The video is the most watched on Boitumelo's page and she is commended for the way she speaks with her child. Her patience is something that obviously allows her child to be imaginative and talk up scenarios such as in this instance. 

Check out the video below. Courtesy of TikTok:

@tshelo_tshego_mankuroane #tiktoksa #viral #viralvideo #tiktoksouthafrica #foryou #fyp #botshelomankuroane #unisa #university #universitystudent ♬ original sound - Tshelo le Tshego Mankuroane

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