Nursery school teacher brings the North Pole to Durban North

Nursery school teacher brings the North Pole to Durban North

Ann Moodie believes in the Christmas magic and has been sharing the light for 20 years now. 

Ann Moodie standing by her Elf house in Durban North
Ann Moodie standing by her Elf house in Durban North/East Coast Radio

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying the Christmas spirit in KZN. 

We come from a time when taking a drive to West Street, now Dr Pixley KaSeme Street, was something Durbanites had to do every Christmas. For it was there that we would enjoy the colourful Christmas lights. 

But since then, we have had malls, shopping centres, the notorious Trail of Lights, and more emerge. 

More recently, we discovered a house in our neighbouring town, Durban North, that hosts a bountiful display of Christmas lights. The house can only be described as our very own version of the North Pole. 

We say this with such excitement because we only recently made this cheerful discovery and yet this merry house has been lighting up the neighbourhood for around two decades now. 

Thanks to social media, we were introduced to Ann Moodie from Annies Busy Beez in Durban North. Besides her busy day job as Preschool Principal and teacher at Annies Busy Beez, Ann is also known as the 'Christmas Lady' and this comes from her amazing display of Christmas lights. 

Ann has been doing this for twenty years now and her collection of lights has grown over the years. 

It was a funny affair because this week on Stacey and J Sbu, Ann called in to share what her neighbourhood is known for and she shared that Durban North is known for its Christmas lights. 

Christmas decorations at Annies Busy Beez in Durban North
Christmas decorations at Annies Busy Beez in Durban North/Supplied

In addition to the amazing Christmas lights that she adorns her house with every year, Ann has a special elf house located outside with a special Christmas post box. 

Here the elves are sorting out all the letters for Father Christmas, so all the kiddies can get their presents under the tree this Christmas. 

The kids post their letters inside the postbox and moms and dads are encouraged to please write their email addresses (clearly) on their kids' letters, then Santa will reply to them. 

The Elf house in Durban North
The Elf house in Durban North/Supplied

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Christmas display at Annies Busy Beez in Durban North
Christmas display at Annies Busy Beez in Durban North/Supplied

Ann shared a beautiful story with us about a woman who had lost her husband and one of her kids. She was feeling down and out and one day she passed Ann's light display and was astonished by the lights. 

She parked her car on the roadside and sat there admiring the lights. Not only did the display give her a sense of hope and upliftment, it ignited her with a will to live again. 

That's what they call a Christmas miracle.

We wanted to thank Ann and her family for bringing joy and merriment to Durbanites with her Christmas light display and, more importantly, her elf house. 

If you are in Durban and want to visit the elf house, Ann will be opening up her yard to the public on 22, 23, and 24 December between 18h30 and 20h30 so you can bring the family and snap some pics. 

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