New 'Bluey' episode has families in tears

New 'Bluey' episode has families in tears

Disclaimer: This could be a spoiler for those who have yet to watch the episode entitled, 'The Sign'. 

Bluey sitting on the stairs of the porch at her home
Bluey sitting on the stairs of the porch at her home/Facebook Screenshot/@OfficialBlueyTV

'Bluey' has long been a part of most homes in South Africa and other parts of the world. 

This Australian kids' show became a go-to for both children and their parents. The Heeler family manages to be a source of entertainment for the whole family. 

Recently, as the season 3 finale played across screens around the world, youngsters and their parents were left unsettled after watching the episode entitled, 'The Sign'. 

Watch the trailer below, courtesy of YouTube:

"'The Sign', which at 28 minutes was about the length of four regular 'Bluey' episodes, also had fans worried that the Heeler family's possible move to a new house could have signalled the end of the beloved series after three seasons." (USA Today)

But you can breathe easy because after this episode left many families' feathers ruffled, the makers of 'Bluey' confirmed that the series is not coming to an end. 

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It's far from easy to produce a show that appeals to both adults and kids, not to mention hitting these two core audiences in different ways, but still managing to bring them together. 

Damn, that Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chilli, forcing us to feel the big feelings. 

You can watch 'Bluey' on Disney Junior, which is accessible on DsTV, depending on your package. It is also available on the Disney+ streaming service.

Watch how this little girl reacted to the season 3 finale. Courtesy of TikTok:

@bmarie1994 @Bluey is really out here causing emotional damage to adults and children 😭😭😭 #bluey #TheSign #blueytok ♬ original sound - B
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