Mother realises what the parents in 'Bluey' do for a living

Mother realises what the parents in 'Bluey' do for a living

Popular kids show 'Bluey' just keeps giving with the hidden meanings...

A book puzzle of Bluey and her family
A book puzzle of Bluey and her family/Supplied

It's funny how many kids' programmes these days aren't just catered to kids but also cater to the parents.

One of the TV shows that resonates with parents on another level is 'Bluey'. 

In fact, not only does this show resonate with parents, but it can be said that the parents in the show, Chilli and Bandit, are great examples of how to parent. 

A mother who prides herself on being candid on TikTok recently made a fascinating discovery about 'Bluey'. 

'Bluey' is an Australian TV show that shares the story of a young dog named Bluey Heeler (ironically her breed) and her family is quite popular with kids (and their parents). 

Mom, Emily Jeanne, says that she just discovered that Bluey's parents' occupations actually have more to do with being a dog than she realised. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok:

@emilyjeanne333 Ok bluey. I get it. #bluey #motherhood ♬ original sound - Emilyjeanne333

People came for her in the comments, questioning why she called Bluey a boy when she's a girl.

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