Nestle, vegan startup to create realistic looking vegan chicken wings

Nestle, vegan startup to create realistic looking vegan chicken wings

Ain't nothing but a chicken wing, or is it really? 

Nestle in a collaboration with a vegan startup to create realistic looking vegan chicken wings
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We recently chatted about veganism on the show when Carol Ofori received a letter of help on her the "Am I The Skebenga" feature. 

And it is definitely something that has become a lifestyle choice for many people nowadays. We love that for them and we appreciate that brands such as Nestle are recognising the need to adapt their range of products to be inclusive. 

"Nestle is looking to take the plant-based meat craze to the next level with vegan chicken wings that have realistic skin and bones." (Business Insider)

The startup, Sundial Foods, is based in San Francisco and focuses on developing imitation chicken. Sounds scary, especially with the word choice, 'imitation' but we're hoping that the mindset behind it is to encourage healthier living. 

On that note though there are some positives, despite their vision of trying to recreate or mimic chicken, one of them being the promotion of incorporating more plant-based foods into your lifestyle. And also, the fact that a big corporation, such as Nestle is helping a startup company. 

"Sundial's specialty is meatless chicken wings, which are designed "to offer a complete wing experience, which includes the skin, muscle, and bone," according to the company. Sundial's unique imitation wings are made using a proprietary technology and eight basic ingredients, including water, chickpeas, sunflower oil, soybeans, and nutritional yeast." (Business Insider)

The aim in the collaboration is to expand the company by bringing it's vegan chicken wings into the market, as well as creating an enjoyable experience for the consumer. 

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We're not sure how the public will receive the introduction of these vegan chicken wings into the market. However, what we do know is that everybody loves chicken wings, and on that note, maybe this will be hit on the market. 

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