This woman is certainly a 'skebenga'...A vegan woman goes 'lobster' on these Youtuber foodies...

A vegan woman goes 'lobster' on these YouTuber foodies...

Do you think what she did was fair? 

This woman is certainly a 'skebenga'...A vegan woman goes 'lobster' on these Youtuber foodies...
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We are not unfamiliar with people who chose to live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. In fact, we commend them for doing so. Not long ago, Carol Ofori shared that she wanted to add more 'plant-based' foods into her families diet and she did a cool collaboration with the Fry's food range. 

Realising that it's actually not just a healthy choice for our minds and bodies, but also for the environment. But sometimes there is some pressure to switch to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and this should be a personal choice, it is something that each person should come to on their own, and not be coerced into...

So nowadays, discrimination also comes in the form of being unkind to people who don't share your eating lifestyle choices. Sad, but true...We were first introduced to this topic when Carol Ofori shared a note from a listener on the "Am I The Skebenga" feature on the show today. 

She shared that she is not a vegan but feels pressurised by her sister-in-law who is. In this case, a woman who was passing by two guys who are YouTube Foodies, gets angry at them for preparing food out in the open. 

But it quickly turns ugly as she reveals that's not the only reason that she seems upset with them. After they offer her a lobster roll, she shares that she is vegan and things start to spiral thereafter...

Here is the shortened clip of how things took a turn for the worst, courtesy of TikTok


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The woman was really upset about what they were doing and she went a bit overboard. Because if you listen and watch the full video, you will see that the guys were not being disrespectful to her. 

She was the one trying to instigate something. It just goes to show that sometimes in life, some people take things next level when it comes to their feelings. We hope that she can acknowledge that she was wrong in this situation. 

Check out the full video below, skip to 9:14 to see what happens when she arrives. 

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