Natural ingredients that help keep snakes away from your garden

Natural ingredients that help keep snakes away from your garden

We all need to equip ourselves with these tips considering how often we get visits from these slithery reptilians. 

Brown snake on a rock
Brown snake on a rock/Pexels/@Engin Akyurt

It's never ideal (unless you are a snake lover) to find a snake in or around your home. 

If anything it is quite scary because you never know whether the snake is harmful or not. Since the weather has been quite extreme in terms of the high temperatures, more and more people are finding snakes visiting their homes. 

We found some helpful tips on how to keep snakes away from your garden in a natural way. 

Of course, as much as we may not like snakes, we don't want to harm them in any way. And if you would prefer not to call upon the services of Nick Evans, then we have found a few natural deterrents you could use in your garden. 

Not only do these natural ingredients deter snakes from visiting your garden, but they also help nourish your garden.

"Scientific studies show certain textures and smells, which people often like, are uncomfortable or repulsive to a snake. Ingredients like crushed rock salt or eucalyptus create an environment snakes would rather avoid by tapping into their sensitivity to certain stimuli." (House Digest)

  • Mint is a great plant to repel snakes. Plant these along the entry points to your house and make sure you are watering them and they are getting enough sunlight. Healthy plants are stronger in smell.
  • "Clove and cinnamon oils keep snakes and pests out of the yard and garden. Start by buying pure cinnamon and clove essential oils from a local store or online. Get a clean spray bottle and mix a cup of water with ¼ cup of cinnamon oil and ¼ cup of clove oil. Shake the bottle to blend the oils and water before spraying it." (House Digest)

  • Crushed salt or Epsom salt helps repel snakes. You can get crushed salt from your gardening store or Epsom salt is readily available at most grocery stores and inexpensive. Lay a barrier of salt at the edge of your garden. 
  • Garlic doesn't just help with vampires but also snakes. For quick results, you can get fresh garlic, crush it and scatter it around your garden. But if you have the time, you can plant garlic in your garden. 
  • Vinegar is another natural and inexpensive way to keep the snakes away. "Soak absorbent cloths or rags in white vinegar, ensuring you pick durable material that can trap the vinegar without dripping. Once soaked, place these cloths around your garden, focusing on areas where snakes gather." (House Digest)

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  • Marigolds are also quite strong in smell and the great part about these plants is how strong and sturdy they are. 
  • Onions aren't just a great deterrent but also have a strong smell and a great way of harvesting your own for cooking and salads. 
  • Cayenne pepper isn't just good in a vitamin shot but sprinkling this in gaps and around structures where snakes would hide is a great way to keep them away. 
  • "Planting rosemary in your garden as a snake repellent is practical and beneficial to boost your garden's health. Pick a suitable location where rosemary will grow in your garden, ensuring they get full sun for 6 to 8 hours a day and the soil drains well." (House Digest)

We hope these ingredients help you with your garden and any slithery visitors you may get. 

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