How to get your Tupperware back after Christmas

How to get your Tupperware back after Christmas

Dear Bongani, remember that time my husband made you cheesecake and used my Tupperware? I'm going to need that back...

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If there is one thing we learned in 2022, it's that you should never come between a woman and her Tupperware. 

Sonia Booth's play-by-play account of her how her husband, Matthew Booth, made his alleged mistress cheesecake and had the audacity to use her beloved cake carrier had us all "shook". 

She did not hesitate to drive to the woman's home to collect her Tupperware

Christmas is a notorious time for your precious plastic food containers to go missing. Family and friends visit your home for Christmas lunch and leave with containers filled with food. 

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But etiquette seems to go out the window once their bellies are full and they "forget" to return your Tupperware. 

Fun fact: While many people call all their expensive plastic containers Tupperware - it's actually the name of a specific brand. 

Regardless of which brand you choose, wondering where your containers are can give you sleepless nights - just ask, Sonia. 

So, how do you get your containers back after Christmas lunch? Read on to find out how! 

Good morning, Jane, hope you are well...

Don't be afraid to send family and friends not-so-gentle reminders about your Tupperware. This is war and there is no time for playing Mr Nice Guy. Don't put it off until 2023 because after those New Year's Day braais, who knows where your containers will end up?! 

Sample text message:

Good morning, Jane. 

I hope you are well and looking forward to the New Year. I for one cannot as you are yet to return my Tupperware - the one with [specific details]. Please return by 23:59 on December 31 if you wish to be invited to Christmas lunch in 2023. 

Thank you in advance. Happy New Year. 

[Insert your name here]

Pull a Sonia

If sending a text message does not work, it is time for Plan B, which is paying them a visit. Sonia Booth drove to the home of her husband's alleged mistress, walked straight to the kitchen, and retrieved her cake carrier. Now that's a brave woman. This step is a little drastic but at least you will have a good night's sleep knowing your Tupperware is safely back at home.

Make your husband do the dirty work

If all else fails, you might need a mediator to step in. If Plan A and Plan B failed, then your friend or family member has officially become a Tupperware thief. A mediator can be the go-between, which will help avoid further conflict. And who better to mediate than your dear husband, Andrew?

And voilà, now all your Tupperware has been returned to its rightful place in your kitchen cupboard. 

And remember... don't mess with a woman and her Tupperware! 

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