This man spent over R600 000 to look like an Instagram filter

This man spent over R600,000 to look like an Instagram filter

The 24-year-old underwent extensive surgeries to achieve his new look.

Levi Jed Murphey

Ever wanted to be an Instagram filter? That was the goal for 24-year-old Levi Jed Murphy from Manchester in the UK, who reveals that he has spent over R600,000 on surgeries to achieve his ‘perfect’ face.

The youngster admits that he has had fillers in his lips, cheeks, chin, jaw, and under his eyes, as well as having a nose job, lip lift, a temple lift, and a cat eye lift. He's also had a teeth straightening procedure in his mission to achieve what he believes is the perfect face.

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While Levi loves the way his surgeries came out, he admits that he is often sent nasty messages on social media with those disgusted by the fact that he would spend so much money on plastic surgery.

However, Levi admits that he doesn’t take the negativity seriously and doesn't take anything to heart. "Of course not everyone reacts well to my look and I have thousands of horrible comments from trolls who say I look like Handsome Squidward and the mask from ‘The Purge’,” he says.

Levi says that his journey with plastic surgery started when he was just 19. "When I was 19 I got my first syringe of lip filler. I ended up loving how it looked and went back like a month later and have kept on going back since,” Levi says. "When I was 20, I started getting cheek, jaw and under eye fillers, but I've lost count of how many."

Levi admits that he fell in love with the process and started getting more surgery, not because of any insecurity, but to keep things exciting. "By the time I was twenty, I knew I wanted to have a nose job and a lip lift. It wasn't because I was insecure or hated the way I looked, but because I get bored of my face easily and like to change up my look,” Levi says.

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He adds: "I could happily live with the face I have now or even before surgery but I like to mix things up.  To me, it's not a big deal. It's like changing your wardrobe, but of course a little bit more extreme and painful."

Today, going under the knife has never been easier for Levi. "Because of my popularity, I get it for free now by doing promos - so whenever my face is looking a bit flat I can go in and get it topped up for free which is a life saver,” he says.

Levi recently went on another surgery spree after he discovered a specific Instagram filter. "Instagram put out a filter where it shows you what you would look like after having plastic surgery and I loved what I saw,” Levi explains.

"I worked out all the different procedures that were shown in the filter and then went about having them done,” he says. “I love grabbing people's attention - even with my surgery, I broadcast my recovery over social media to bring attention to me.”

Would you ever have extreme plastic surgery to enhance your looks? If so, tell Carol why in the comments section below.

Image courtesy: Instagram

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