A woman slammed her cheap ‘date’ online – and he hits back in spectacular fashion

A woman slammed her 'cheap' date online – and he hits back in spectacular fashion

The woman took to Twitter to call out a man who didn’t fork out his cash on an expensive drink – but she never thought that he would troll her back!

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Dating is an incredibly complex sport. There are so many expectations and ways a date could go wrong and for one woman, who has remained anonymous, things went downhill on a recent date when the man she went out with didn’t fork out money on ordering cocktails or a bottle of bubbly choosing tap water instead. After calling him out, the man trolled her back. 

After the date didn’t go as she had planned, a woman took to social media network Twitter to share her frustration with her followers. Mad that she never got to enjoy some cocktails or bubbly, the woman tweeted an image of her meal (a burger and chips and some glasses of water) saying "You know he’s broke when he buys you water."

The woman didn’t expect that her date would see the tweet online and he hit back in an epic way! After spotting the tweet, the man cheekily replied "You know you're broke when you depend on someone else to pay for your meal."

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The interaction was quickly shared on Reddit where users there slammed the woman for being ungrateful. "On a first date it's always just coffee at Starbucks. I want her only incentive to be meeting me not a free dinner,” one user wrote.

A second user agreed saying "Coffee shop first dates are always the way to go. You can easily bail if things aren't great and you're in for just a few bucks."

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A third commented that water is the healthiest option anyway and that the woman should focus more on her health. "What's wrong with water? I always get water when I'm out if I'm not drinking coffee. Not because I'm 'too broke' but because I love it."

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