Man learning to read embraces support from social media

Man learning to read embraces support from social media

Social media users can surprise us with their support sometimes...

An African American man is emotional while learning how to read
An African American man is emotional while learning how to read/TikTok Screenshot/@oliverspeaks1

When Oliver James left school, he couldn't read well, so he decided to embark on a learning journey and share this journey on social media. 

He took on the challenge of reading one book every week. His energy was so authentic that it resonated with so many people on social media. 

Check out his pinned post on TikTok

@oliverspeaks1 We got a book read. #igotabook #books #learnin #love ♬ original sound - Oliver James

James is a 35-year-old fitness instructor and was happy to share his mission with others on social media. It's not easy putting yourself out there when it comes to admitting you cannot read. 

He got a lot of support from the 'BookTok' community, which is an online community of people who love to read. They not only helped support him, but also advised him on his journey to read 100 books. 

His journey to learn how to read was accompanied by his journey to motivate others, which started unintentionally as he shared his emotional process with the world. 

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Watch him share his raw emotions with the world as he struggled on some days. 

Think about this after watching the below: this man didn't give up on his journey and is now motivating others at schools and communities around the US. 

Courtesy of TikTok

@oliverspeaks1 Teaching myself how go read and this is the results of it #booktok #books #readmorebooks ♬ original sound - Oliver James
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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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