Man buys storage locker for R9k and discovers R143m inside

Man buys storage locker for R9k and discovers R143m inside

Talk about striking it lucky!

A box full of money
A box full of money/Pexels/@Pixabay

When you think of storage lockers, there is always a sense of mystery that lingers. 

The possibility of what one person can store is endless and as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. 

In this case, the saying was literal as a man who purchased a storage unit for just over R9,500 ended up striking it rich. 

A bargain hunter from the popular American TV show 'Storage Wars' ended up spending $500 (R9,578) for a storage unit. 

At first glance, all you see are boxes piled up, some old furniture, and random items. There were enough items inside the storage unit to fit into a one-bedroom apartment. 

That provides us with some perspective when it comes to size. But his patience is what made him gain the millionaire title, even if it was for a short period. 

The man, named Joe, found a grey box that looked a lot like a money locker. With the help of his friends, he managed to open it and found stacks of cash stashed inside the box. 

All in all, he found a total of $7.5-million (R143-million) in the storage unit, including nickels, pink slips, and $100 bills. 

Then his luck came to a halt. The police arrived at his home as the previous owners were claiming their money back and even got their lawyers on the case. 

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The previous owners made Joe an offer for finding the money, but the $600k didn't seem enough for the massive find. So after Joe refused, they upped the offer to $1.2-million. 

It is unclear as to what offer he did take, because according to several sources, he took the $1.2-million offer, but according to the below video, he countered with an offer to split the $7.5-million down the centre. 

Either way, he was a winner. 

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