Would you pay R3k for a listen-only ticket to Beyoncé?

Would you pay R3k for a listen-only ticket to Beyoncé?

These tickets are no-view tickets, so you can listen to everything at the concert, but you don't get to actually see Beyoncé...

Beyonce wearing a cowgirl hat and costume on stage
Beyonce wearing a cowgirl hat and costume on stage/Instagram Screenshot/@renaissanceworldtour_

We've heard of many bizarre things when it comes to selling tickets. 

But it seems the 'Beyhive' are not happy about this unusual ticket. 

Have you heard about the 'listen-only, no-viewing' ticket that is being sold for upcoming concerts on the Renaissance Tour?

It is said to be the perfect option for those who have a tight budget to get a cost-effective ticket. 

The "no-view, listen-only" tickets were posted to Ticketmaster and can cost anything between $100 to $200 (R1,884 to R3,770). 

These seats are located in areas of the stadium where the view of the stage is unclear or obstructed. 

Now, if you are anything like us, when we go to a concert, we obviously want to see our favourites perform, as seeing them on stage is very much a part of the experience. 

It seems not everyone who attended Bey's concert at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey were happy with the listen-only, no-viewing tickets they purchased. 

"Are you ready for a concert experience like no other? Well, Beyoncé has got you covered with her innovative "listening only" tickets for her Renaissance Tour. For just $157, you can purchase a seat behind the stage with absolutely no view of the show, per Insider! That's right, you'll be able to hear every note, every lyric, and every crowd roar without actually seeing anything. It's like attending a concert blindfolded, but hey, who needs visuals when you have Beyoncé's incredible voice surrounded by 70k Beyhive members, right?" (Hollywood Unlocked)

Sounds very sales-y if you ask us, but, hey, that's the name of the game when it comes to selling tickets for any show. 

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Crazily enough, it seems that fans across the US have been complaining about the price it costs to attend the Renaissance tour in their hometowns. 

"It turns out that it’s actually more affordable for fans to travel all the way to Europe and catch her show there. However, experts have pointed out that this surge in fans traveling to Europe has contributed to keeping ticket prices high in those areas. So, maybe it’s time for fans to appreciate the convenience of these “listening only” tickets and save some money on travel expenses." (Hollywood Unlocked)

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