Man buys saliva from COVID-19 patient to kill boss

Man buys saliva from COVID-19 patient to kill boss

Being upset with your boss is one thing; trying to kill him with saliva from a person infected with COVID-19 is insane. 

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A Turkish car dealership owner, Ibrahim Unverdi, is under police protection after his employee tried to kill him with saliva that tested positive for COVID-19 (you read that correctly).  

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According to reports, Unverdi sold a car and handed the employee, who has worked for him for three years, the cash to place inside the safe. After some time and several phone calls, the man did not return and Unverdi could not find him. It turns out the man stole the money to repay a loan shark. 

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A colleague of the thief reported that the accused purchased saliva from a COVID-19 patient, hoping that he would infect his boss and possibly kill him. This was done in order to make the situation go away. However, all it has done is make things much, much worse for the employee.

After the failed attempt, the employee has continued to send death threats:

The family has been living in fear ever since as cops have not been able to locate the employee. They have enlisted the help of police to protect them until the man is found. 

In a space of one year, we have read some crazy stories, but this trumps them all!

Here's hoping this man is arrested swiftly. 

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