Chatsworth resident starts community garden for hungry families

Chatsworth resident starts community garden for hungry families

"I don’t sell the harvested greens and my intention is not to make money but to provide support to the disadvantaged families that need help." (Yaseen Adam)

A man sitting beside spinach crops
A man sitting beside spinach crops/Pexels/@KindelMedia

It is always great to see community members come together to help those in need. 

And isn't that what KZN is known for, coming together to help their community during times of hardship? 

One man, Yaseen Adam is setting the most ideal example with his community garden project, Legendary Earth.

In 2020, Adam started the project to encourage people to get back to farming as a means of fighting poverty. Many families are finding it difficult to put food on the table and this is a sustainable means of slowly eliminating poverty.  

Adam and his team noticed that the parents who would accompany their kids to the teaching lessons showed interest. 

And so, they decided to include the adults in the learning as well. 

"At the moment, his crop is mostly spinach which is harvested and donated to families living in Cheshire village. He also plans to add other fast growing vegetables so he can produce and donate more." (IOL)

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As much as Adam and his team would like to expand on the project, taking on more plots and involving more community members, their biggest challenge is theft. 

You wouldn't think so, but criminals also steal their fresh produce, which is something Adams is unable to control at present. 

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