Limited edition meteorite purse retailing at R781k

Limited edition meteorite purse retailing at R781k

When your purse is heavy due to its natural state and not the heaps of cash you have in it...

A meteorite handbag
A meteorite handbag/Facebook/@kiddaanCom

We've seen some outlandish fashion designs over the years, but that is the thing about fashion, sometimes the weirder it looks, the more appealing it is. 

That is certainly true for many designers who have made bold decisions in the past to create a spectacle. 

Because when you think about it, that's the only time you are memorable: When you make a choice to stand out from the crowd. 

This is true of French luxury brand Coperni, who have made headlines with a new handbag. 

They have released a limited-edition “meteorite handbag that is hand-carved from a meteorite that fell on Earth thousands of years ago." (Oddity Central)

The handbag is selling for $43,000 (R781,000), in case you are interested. 

"As part of its Fall/Winter 23 fashion collection, Coperni has created a unique handbag that ‘combines archeology, design, as well as classical and primitive art’. The Mini Meteorite Swipe Bag has the general shape of the brand’s iconic swipe bag, but a rougher finish, which makes sense considering that it’s hand-sculpted out of rock." (Oddity Central)

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