Durban youth organisation helping to clean up KZN

Durban youth organisation helping to clean up KZN

South Africans are beginning to volunteer their services to help clean up the mess the country is currently in. The past few days have been filled with despair, tragedy, fear, and so much more, but there are signs of hope beginning to shine through across social media.

WESS Youth

The country has suffered insurmountable losses since the protests began on Friday, 9 July 2021. With a number of businesses set alight and left with a tough recovery ahead, users across Facebook have begun to offer their assistance under the #CleanUpSA hashtag once the country is able to begin the recovery process.

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You can view the post below and also read as the thread continues to grow on the Facebook post.

Communities continue to offer their hands to clean the parts of the country that have been looted and destroyed. 

Sadly, it is a task that needs to happen soon, as we would be stuck as a country should we wait for the state's facilities to be sent to clean the messes up. Our lives, so painfully, have to continue and doing so in a space that is in a shambles will not be progressive, considering the clear statistics we will want to know following this whole mess. 

We have seen social media posts shared with photographs of people doing their part in getting the dilapidated buildings and venues clean. 

Fortunately, we were able to reach Morgan Griffiths who leads WESSA (Wildlife Environmental Society of South Africa) YES & TBF Youth Group, which is an NGO that creates environmental awareness in KZN communities. 

Listen as he shares more about their organisation:

Here are some picture from the WESSA Tourism Blue Flag Beach Stewards who took to the streets of KwaMashu to support their local business owners to clean up the streets:

They also had their team from Umgeni Valley do their part in cleaning the streets of Howick. 

Have a look here: 

We salute the youth of WESSA and everyone in their respective communities trying to do their part in getting the country clean again. 

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