LISTEN: Find out why Carol and Greg Ofori got married...

LISTEN: Find out why Carol and Greg Ofori got married...

Our favourite couple reveal all!

LISTEN: Find out why Carol and Greg Ofori got married...
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In honour of National Marriage Week, Carol and Greg Ofori shared some sound and personal advice with KZN.

There is this glorified version of what it means to be married, where many are more invested in the fairytale version of what marriage appears to be from the outside. 

But the hard truth is that marriage is not an easy affair. It takes hard work, consistency, and a willingness to understand, grow, and learn from each other and your experiences.

As a way of celebrating the sanctity of marriage, the Oforis shared their views about marriage and even touched on why they got married.

Love isn’t always enough when it comes to marriage, throw in kids and things get slightly more challenging. But first things first, when and if you decide to embark on the chapter of marriage, then it’s important to understand that things will change.

Most importantly, every couple is different, just like children, it is not fair to compare, nor is it productive. It is quite pointless to esteem to live up to what you assume marriage is according to reality shows and celebrity love stories.

Carol and Greg base things like honesty, open communication, and support as key foundational values in marriage. Managing your marriage and your family comes with it's pitfalls, but if you have the support of a partner, you can do it well.  

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Some great advice for those of you wanting to embark on the marriage journey, or even better your marriage now. Why not seek counselling from a professional relationship counsellor? Someone who can help you and your partner build healthy habits as a couple.

Someone who can educate you both about what it means to live with someone you love and give and receive love unconditionally. 

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