KZN locals share how they enjoy eating hot cross buns

KZN locals share how they enjoy eating hot cross buns

As an Easter tradition, hot cross buns are a firm favourite, but how do you enjoy eating it?

Traditional hot cross buns for easter
Traditional hot cross buns for easter/iStock/Anna-Shepulova

Easter doesn't just bring up feelings of heritage, religion, and community, but it also brings tradition. 

Tradition is such as important facet of our lives. It brings union, it brings culture, and it makes us feel fulfilled. 

An Easter tradition that is quite popular in South Africa is pickled fish and hot cross buns. This combination is not something that everyone enjoys but it comes with a sense of tradition attached to it. 

Knowing this tradition, we wanted to ask our Facebook community how they enjoyed their hot cross buns.

People came through on the East Coast Radio Facebook page to share how they enjoy hot cross buns. Check out some of the comments. 

  • "Best with thick butter and grated Cheddar"
  • "If they could pick out all the raisins and replace it with chocolate chips, I'd be in 7th heaven eating it with nutella in the middle" 
  • "Cream cheese, ham and tomato on a HCB"
  • "I know people that have it with their Pickled fish on Good Friday. Never liked it. Ill stick to my butter/margerine."
  • "Toasted hot cross buns, strawberry jam and sharp cheddar! It's the bomb.."
  • "Hot cross bun and marmite"
  • "My son cuts it in half, adds butter, toast it then slices ice cream and sandwich it. Apparently it's the best lol"
  • "Beef burger, sliced mozzarella cheese, avocado, tomato and lettuce in a honey and mustard dressing in between two extra spicy , mayo covered slices of toasted hot cross buns." 
  • "Hot cross buns with amahewu, absolutely delicious."
  • "I like a hot cross bun with a choc marshmallow inside. Def not 4 breakfast"
  • "Bread Pudding made with Hot Cross Buns and served with custard. YUMMY"
  • "Hot cross bun with salami!"

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This is proof that everyone has their own way of eating this Easter favourite. In essence, isn't that what makes us diverse? 

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Image Courtesy of iStock/Anna-Shepulova

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