It’s official! Salt & Vinegar Lay's are back on the shelves

It’s official! Salt & Vinegar Lay's are back on the shelves

It’s been a year since Pepsi Co pulled salt and vinegar Lay's off shelves, but after a public outcry, the flavour is back!

Lays Salt & Vinegar

It was a dark day when crisp manufacturer Lay's announced that they would be discontinuing the fan-favourite salt and vinegar flavour in February last year, but after a massive public outcry, Lay's has confirmed that the flavour is officially back on shelves!

News broke when the global crisp brand, which has countless flavours around the world, responded to a fan asking if the flavour had been discontinued. “Hi @LailaManie, unfortunately, Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Flavour has been discontinued and will no longer be available in the market. We however invite you to try our new Lay’s Sweet and Smoky American BBQ Flavour. We do hope you enjoy our other flavours from our range too,” Lay's South Africa responded on Twitter.

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Lay's Brand Manager, Wesley Chetty, confirmed the news to Martin Bester on Jacaranda FM at the time, saying: “We did our research and sometimes flavours do not perform - and we had to discontinue the flavour. We have to listen to our customers and we made the decision.”

However, the discontinuation came with a massive public outcry. Fans around the country expressed their disappointment at the decision and even celebrities like The Kiffness had their say.

When your crush says she’ll come over but only if you have Salt & Vinegar Lays.

Posted by The Kiffness on Monday, February 24, 2020

Now, Lay's South Africa has confirmed that the flavour is back – and you can already get a bag at your nearest supermarket!

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Confirming the news, Lay's South Africa again took to their social media pages.

Again, social media has been abuzz with the news of the flavour's return.

Are you excited about the return of Lay's salt and vinegar? Let Carol know in the comments section below.

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