Publicist Melanie Ramjee gets real about her battle with COVID-19

Publicist Melanie Ramjee gets real about her battle with COVID-19

Melanie Ramjee opens up about her journey with the coronavirus.

Melanie Ramjee

Being a publicist, Melanie Ramjee’s life is chaotic. From meetings to pitching to media and everything in between, Melanie is used to being busy. But, after contracting COVID-19, everything came to a halt and she shares her story with Carol.

Detailing her experience, Melanie explains that she still has no idea where she got exposed to the virus, adding that it was the one week where she spent most of her time at home. “It was two weeks before Christmas and I didn’t want to contract this thing now,” Melanie explains. “I had been safe throughout the whole of 2020 so it was a shock when I did eventually get it.”

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Melanie adds that she was the first member of her household to get the virus but believes that she may have contracted it from her daughter, who may have been asymptomatic as she was attending creche at the time.

“My husband was out of town on business and I am usually very much in the public space attending events and going for meetings but that week, I was staying at home. I started feeling sick. My daughter also had a runny tummy on and off which is why I believe I may have gotten the virus from her,” Melanie explains.

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She adds that she didn’t have the traditional COVID-19 symptoms, but when she lost her sense of smell and taste, she got tested and the results confirmed her suspicions.

Listen to Melanie share her story while discussing the stigma that comes with contracting COVID-19 and her thoughts on the vaccine here:

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