#INSPIRING: KZN entrepreneur Yandisa Zulu from Zuluish creates first locally-produced kettle

#INSPIRING: KZN entrepreneur Yandisa Zulu from Zuluish creates first locally-produced kettle

Yandisa Zulu, the creator of South Africa's first locally-produced kettle from the brand, Zuluish, is turning heads with his local appliance brand...

INSPIRING: Yandisa Zulu

Local entrepreneurs deserve love and big ups, working on something you are passionate about isn't easy. It not only takes hard work, but it takes dedication and having to hear "No" a lot before you hear the "Yes"...

Especially during these times where many businesses are trying to recover from the unrest and also living through PTSD when it comes to the threats that the looters and rioters have been creating online. Let's just say it's a tough job to remain calm and level-headed, whilst also steering consciously toward the end-game...

But not for this innovator and entrepreneur.

Yandisa Zulu had a dream seven years ago and it finally translated into reality for him as his first locally-produced kettle hit the market. His dream was inspired by his will to make it big and to represent his KZN roots.

His brand is called, Zuluish, and he shares the symbolism behind the name by saying to IOL: "The word Zuluish is a combination of Zulu and wish. It symbolises my wish as a Zulu person to make it big. It has always been a wish to see locally produced products make it to the shelves of different stores and even internationally. This brand will also symbolise its origin wherever it will be sold."

Zulu said that his brand specialises in appliances. At the moment they have produced and launched just a kettle. “We are still introducing ourselves right now and trying to build a rapport with our customers. We need the brand to be known and trusted before introducing other products,” he added.

He posted to his Facebook page that he was involved in a bespoke project involving a personalised mirror. It seems very hi-tech and definitely something that shows his broad scope when it comes to smart technology development and overall creativity. 

Below is a post from one of his customers and this is a perfect example of South Africans coming together to support locally produced items. This is a big win for us as South Africans and as KZNers, as it shows the level of entrepreneurs that we have coming out of our province and our country, which literally speaks volumes.

His words really resonate through his actions as he posted yesterday about partnering with a "female black owned company that does provincial deliveries for DOORSTEP DELIVERIES." (Facebook)

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