This innovator places science labs in every student’s pocket

This innovator places science labs in every student’s pocket

After experiencing the lack of science apparatus in his own school, Mbangiso is creating access to virtual science labs so every pupil can access information through accessible technologies.

Mbangiso Mabaso
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For 12 million pupils in South Africa, limited access to scientific resources is a formula for inadequate education. Equipment is frequently damaged, stolen, or outdated. Mbangiso Mabaso is a product of this system, yet against all odds, he has come up with a solution. 

As a kid, Mabaso was fascinated by the theorems, chemical compounds, and endless possibilities of science. But because of poor facilities, the young boy’s pursuit of the subject was hampered. Later on, Mabaso struggled throughout university while he studied electrical engineering. But he didn’t allow that to define him. 

Mabaso founded Sisanda Tech to empower kids to create successful futures for themselves. He bypasses defunct classrooms and offers something else entirely: augmented reality. “I’m creating an opportunity for everybody to fall in love with science and never let it go,” Mabaso says. He’s developed an app that works in tandem with AR. This enables pupils to perform experiments such as dissections through tablet or smartphone screens. By blending the virtual apparatus with their real-life environment, students aren’t limited by budgets or lack of resources. 

Mabaso is determined to change kids’ lives and design new circumstances for them. “We are striving to make science a possibility for every child,” he says. Mabaso’s contribution to scientific education will bolster children for generations.

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