#ECRCarolCares: Shaylene's matric ball was a magical affair!

#ECRCarolCares: Shaylene's matric ball was a magical affair!

Dressed to impress and ready for a night of dancing, Shaylene lives out a magical night...

Young lady stands next to her partner for a dance
Young lady stands next to her partner for a dance/Supplied

What started off as an inspiring tale of a young girl who came from humble beginnings, definitely turned into a magical affair. 

All this after Shaylene, the matriculant who was initially nominated for Carol Ofori's botched dress, went for her matric ball this week. 

The young and vibrant Durbanite wore her white dress in style, as she was made to feel like a princess. 

Shaylene was adorned with treatment fit for a princess as she got ready for her matric ball, that took place this past Tuesday, 13 December 2022. 

The ball was held at Coastlands Hotel in Musgrave and Shaylene got ready for the festivities at Suncoast Hotel. 

Shaylene matric ball
Shaylene's matric dance photos

She arrived at the matric dance with her partner in style, courtesy of CMH Mitsubishi and Proton Pinetown. 

And her hair and make-up were impeccably done by Carla Groenewald. A treat for both her grandmother Hessie and herself also included hairstyling and nails by Infinity Hair & Beauty Studio at The Crescent.

Plus, her shoes, clutch bag, and jewellery were sponsored by Bride and Co at The Crescent. 

Shaylene 1

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Sponsored items for Shaylene

Not only was she made to feel super-duper special, but she is also ending off 2022 with a bang as she gets ready to attend Invictus Education. 

She will be starting the year off with a full bursary for one-year of her National Certificate in Professional Cookery Traineeship Programme at Invictus Education. 

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