"I just want to be a sincere person..." - Carol Ofori's throwback to her interview with AKA

"I just want to be a sincere person..." - Carol Ofori's throwback to her interview with AKA

"As @akaworldwide is being laid to rest, I remember I interviewed him for a column I used to have with SOUL magazine called “Lunch date with Carol Ralefeta” …" 

Carol Ofori sitting at lunch with AKA
Carol Ofori sitting at lunch with AKA/Instagram Screenshot/@carolofori

As the legendary South African rapper Kiernan AKA Forbes was laid to rest this past weekend, Carol Ofori shared something precious that she experienced with the man that was. 

Years ago, when she was still Carol Ralefeta, she used to write a column for SOUL magazine called, 'Lunch Date with Carol Ralefeta'. 

She would take celebs out to lunch and write about their in-depth conversations. 

She shared a special interview that she did with the late Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes in 2012. 

He was often described as an arrogant person, but the truth is that sometimes we don't get to see the real individual.

Carol Ofori shared her interview with him from SOUL magazine:

'I interviewed the “victory lap” Aka and it was such an awesome experience. I was very nervous cause I was told he is very arrogant, but the guy who arrived was relaxed, friendly and answered every question. He never took off his shades though 😂. He had lunch and even ordered a slice of chocolate mouse cake for dessert…' (Instagram)

One of the questions that stood out to us in her interview with AKA was when she asked him about pursuing a career outside of South Africa. 

His response was so eloquent: "No, I don't think so. Let's say tomorrow Kanye West signs me to his record label, that won't change anything. I will still be African. It does not matter where I am I will always be African and that is something I will carry with me forever." (Instagram)

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