"I just lost my business because I refused to sleep with the shop owner"

"I just lost my business because I refused to sleep with the shop owner"

Young female entrepreneur stands up to sexual harassment and loses her business...

Namhle Noyi sits on a bench smiling
Namhle Noyi sits on a bench smiling/Instagram Screenshot/@Namhle_n

Being a woman in business comes with such honour, poise, and accomplishment. 

But when you look at the way our society works, it is indeed true that some people can just take that away from you in a matter of moments. 

We can say that this is what happened to this young female entrepreneur in Cape Town. 

Namhle Noyi posted a video of what looked like an altercation with an older man on her social media platforms. 

In the video, she is shouting out at this man and other people seem to be intervening as he fiercely looks at her. 

From the gist of things, it seems that he is the shop owner and she is the lessee. She runs her own salon, is a self-taught make-up artist, and also manufactures hair weaves. 

It seems that he made a pass at her and because she refused to sleep with him, things turned out badly for her and her business. 

WATCH her video below, courtesy of Instagram:

Here is some information on what actually happened. Courtesy of TikTok:

@namhle_n I just lost so many years of hardwork because my staff and I refused to sleep with the Shop owner we were renting from!!!! Yeah nhe!!!!😭😭😭💔#namhle_n ♬ Emotional Piano for the Soul (Inspirational Background Music) - Fearless Motivation Instrumentals

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She explains that she had until the end of June to leave, but she chose to not risk her life nor the lives of her staff.

The great thing about this is that she has brought to light something that has been overlooked many times over. 

When people in power try to abuse that power, they need to face the consequences, so we hope that this brings some justice to Namhle, a young woman who knows what she wants and will not belittle herself for anyone.

The comments were in abundance and most in support of her standing up to this horror situation. 

Tamsyn official: "Well done sis.. not so many women have the courage to stand up like this." 


Chuksy: "You lost a place and not your job. Your skill is in your ….that you can never loose …" 

Annie PillayZA: "Young Lady I'm so proud to see that you value your dignity and I know you are a strong woman who will rise from this experience. Great things to come." 

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