How do you arrange your cutlery drawer?

How do you arrange your cutlery drawer?

The order of a woman’s cutlery drawer has caused some pretty heated debates online.


Since social media started to take off more than a decade ago, users have been using it to share some handy tips and tricks that have made their lives a little simpler. But when one woman took to Facebook to ask people how they organise their cutlery drawer and shared what hers looked like, so many called her method completely ‘wrong’ – and it’s sparked a massive online debate.

The anonymous mother shared an image of what her cutlery drawer looks like, which is organised with the knives on the left, forks in the middle, and spoons on the right. "Everyone has their cutlery in this direction right?!" she captioned the post.

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But, it turns out, many believed that she was completely ‘wrong’ in her organisation skills and the post has since had more than 21,000 reactions from people who strongly believe that they knew a better way to organise this particular drawer.

While some users agreed with the mother, others strongly felt that the knife should be on the right-hand side of the drawer rather than on the left-hand side, like she has it.

"Nooo. Forks on the left as most people eat with a fork in that hand and the knife in the right. You're stressing me out," one user commented. Another person added: "Fork, knife, spoons, your tray is driving me mad.”

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Another passionately added: "I want to come and swap them over, how do you hold your cutlery? I hold a fork in the left hand, knife in the right."

Finally, one user joked that their order "Randomly changes. Depends who empties the dishwasher."

Do you have a specific way you order your cutlery drawer? Let Carol know in the comments section below.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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