Here's what the cash-in-transit hero Leo Prinsloo is doing now...

Here's what the cash-in-transit hero Leo Prinsloo is doing now...

He is living up to his 'man of action' reputation...

Man teaching defense class to group of people
Man teaching defense class to group of people/Facebook Screenshot/@TheCourierGuy

Do you remember the man who went viral for avoiding a cash-in-transit heist last year? 

Yes, you know, Leo Prinsloo, the man who had some serious transporter driving technique. Not to mention his cool, calm, and level head in the time of immense pressure and stress. 

Well, here's what he has gotten up to since becoming a viral sensation online. 

He is now teaching his skills to package delivery people at The Courier Guy. 

We won't leave that to the imagination, because guess what, there's video footage. The video is actually an advertisement for Courier Guy, and let's just say it gets the thumbs up from us when it comes to fusing humour whilst feeding into a South Africanism. 

WATCH below, courtesy of Facebook

"Musician Bouwer Bosch who is also seen in the video produced the hilarious clip along with his friend Bennie Fourie." (MSN)

The humour is not overpowering but definitely fitting, and we love the way it was directed. 

But wait, there is more. Prinsloo isn't just starring in commercials, he has also authored a book since his claim to fame viral video. 

Remember when Darren Maule and SKy Tshabalala did their own rendition of the viral video?

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"According to SAPeople, the book – titled Leo’s Guide to Not Becoming a Statistic

 – is a guide to living your safest life in South Africa, something which has become increasingly important as crime statistics continue to rise." (MSN)

Let us know what package delivery service you use below...

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