A little girl removes her hair using hair removal cream by mistake

A little girl removes her hair using hair removal cream by mistake

Poor Masie didn't know she'd end up with half her head hairless after she ran off quickly and grabbed the hair removal cream and used it on herself. 

A little girl removes hair with hair removal
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We all know kids can be very naughty and they do the most extreme things, like covering themselves in cream, drawing on walls, and stealing mom's make-up and using it on anything and everything they can get their hands-on.

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Masie, on the other hand, is the reigning champion on this one. She smothered herself with hair removal cream, leaving the middle of her head bare. 

This is what Masie's mom had to say: 

Apparently, Maisie snuck off to the bathroom unnoticed after her older brother had accidentally left the baby gate open. Never a wise move.

Now because Masie had all the time in the world, she decided to play with her hair. Once there is silence and a toddler is in the house, you just know something bad is definitely happening - and Masie had the time of her life with her hair. 

As soon as dad Luke saw what had happened, he tried to help and quickly washed out the cream... but it was too late!

The cream had already settled in and done its thing, removing Masie's hair, leaving her with a hairline that started in the middle of her head. Shame man. 

Do you think baby Masie is now ready for Halloween?

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