This guy lies about his height to his date: Does height really matter?

This guy lies about his height to his date: Does height really matter?

If it's a matter of 10cm, we think it definitely matters...

This guy lies about his height to his date. Does 'height' really matter?
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Lying about your age is one thing, but when it comes to your physical attributions, that's a whole other thing. That is essentially you lying about the way you look, which actually says a lot about a person. 

Firstly, to start off a relationship with lies, that is a big no-no. Secondly, if you are choosing to lie about your appearance, what happens if the relationship progresses and at some point you have to reveal your true self?

A guy lied about his height and posted about it on TikTok. If our maths is correct, he lied about being 10cm taller than he actually is. As much as that may not seem like a lot, when you see the video, it will provide you with more context. 

The guy very shamelessly shares that he wore shoe inserts into his shoes for his date. Mind you, the shoe inserts give him a great height, but look similar to heels in terms of manoeuvring around in them. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok:


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As we approach the day of love, how important is honesty in light of finding love? On our list of priorities, honesty pulls rank over everything else...

The thing that caught our attention in this instance was the comparison between woman wearing make-up (which was painted as just as deceiving) and short guys wearing these in soles to appear taller than they really are. Could it be that we live in a world of make-believe? A world that forces us to look at each other’s attributes as flaws?

Which makes us wonder about the love that is being sold online these days. It’s a superficial kind of love, a love that makes us want to change those things that are most unique to us, just to please those around us.

Do you really want to live up to that kind of love? We think that as we approach this day that is meant to be filled with feeling special, rather work towards the idea of finding acceptance with all parts of you first, love you before seeking love from another…

Perhaps if we did work on accepting ourselves, wholeheartedly, then there would be less hate and bullying and more joy in the world. 

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