The Great Wrap Race: Are you the type to make a gift for someone?

The Great Wrap Race: Are you the type to make a gift for someone?

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The Great Wrap Race: Are you the type to make a gift for someone?
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Taking the time to make someone a handmade gift has a certain specialty to it. It shows the sense of uniqueness from their side in terms of how they feel about you. And in this day and age, that is a rare thing to find. 

Many people will say, sometimes it's not about the gift but the thought behind it, however, many people like nice things and handmade gifts just don't make the cut. If it's something that was made by your kid, then of course, you will find the love in it...

But if you're like Chandler and forget about the promise you made to Monica about making gifts, and re-gift an old mixtape, then you sure deserve the silent treatment... especially because there are feelings involved. 

Today is Make a Gift Day and we wanted to use this day to share something special with you all. Carol Ofori is a woman who likes surprises and she enjoys being treated. So in honour of the festive season, she wanted to share the excitement around wrapping gifts for your loved ones this year. 

It's more about showcasing your talent as a gift wrapper than what the gift actually is. 

Cue The Great Wrap Race. A competition to find KZN’s best gift wrapper ahead of the festive season. Every family has that one person who knows how to gift wrap pretty much anything, effortlessly. So we want you to nominate that person in your family for a chance to take part in The Wrap Race in studio at East Coast Radio.

The aim of the competition is to showcase your wrapping skills when placed in a challenging situation. So, for instance, if you are given a weirdly shaped item, could you wrap the socks off it? Hmm, if you can then you should enter. 

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More information will follow soon on our social media pages about entries. But for now, hold that family meeting, find the person who wraps the best, and start prepping them for The Great Wrap Race!

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