Girl shares homemade facemask fail...

Girl shares homemade facemask fail...

This is why you should always test the mixture on the inside of your wrist before applying it to your face.

Woman with facemask stuck to her nose
Woman with facemask stuck to her nose/TikTok Screenshot/@kenexkamo

We're always looking for good skincare tips but this video left us feeling uneasy about DIY facemasks. 

Sometimes, it's important to visit a professional, because doing it yourself doesn't always turn out well. 

A young girl shared a video of herself and her sister trying out a DIY facemask that she found on YouTube. 

They were all very happy about trying it out until things went sideways and it felt like it was glued to their faces.

In the video, we see the young girl's mother having trouble peeling the mask off her face. 

It looks painful...We know that beauty comes at a cost but experiencing pain for beauty feels very unnatural. 

Watch what happens below in the video she posted to TikTok

@kenexkamo diy facemask gone wrong 😭🤣#tiktoksouthafrica #fyp #viral #funny #facemask #diy #sisters ♬ original sound - Kene x Kamo

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Moral of the story, do your research before trying any DIY face masks at home...

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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