‘Friends’ fan spots hilarious editing blunder

‘Friends’ fan spots hilarious editing blunder

Courtney Cox was replaced by a double during a conversation – and fans can’t get over the hilarious mistake.


Despite being off air for over a decade, American sitcom ‘Friends’ continues to have a cult following thanks to streaming giant Netflix. The series remains one of the most watched sitcoms in South Africa and merchandise is often found at many local retailers. But, one scene has the world up in arms after a viewer noticed an editing error.

Taking to her TikTok page, user @Mumandmore4 shared a clip of a moment where Monica Geller, played by Courtney Cox, has clearly been replaced by a double and viewers are wondering why she was in the scene one moment and gone the next.

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“I know there is so many mistakes in Friends but I have never seen this one before", the user captioned the clip. The blunder takes place in episode five of season eight titled, 'The One with Rachel's Date'. 

On the clip, the woman says: “So I've been watching Friends and this is the episode where Phoebe is dating Monica's sous chef and I just noticed this little blunder."

The clip shows Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow, pleading with Monica not to fire a character named Tim after he accidently set the pastry chef on fire. Monica decides to give him another chance and as she makes a remark to Phoebe about her hair. The camera switches and viewers are shown a side profile of an actress who is clearly not Courtney Cox.


I know there is so many mistakes in friends but I have never seen this one before. #friends #friendsobsession #friendsmistakes #tvmistakes #omg

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"That's not Monica. That's not Monica! Oh my God,” the user says.

Other users on the app also had a lot to say about the editing blunder. "So they got paid a million pound per episode... and couldn't even be there to film the whole thing?!" one user commented. Another added: "But why? Doesn't make sense."

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Another user tries to explain the situation, saying: "Sometimes when they're just filming one actor's line (Phoebe), it's too expensive to have the other actor there so they hire a stand in. It's cheaper."

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Image courtesy: TikTok

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