First-time mom asks for some solid advice from parents

First-time mom asks for some solid advice from parents

The great part about this, besides her honesty about anxiety, was the fact that other parents came through with their honest advice. 

Pregnant woman folding baby outfit
Pregnant woman folding baby outfit/Pexels/@Amina Filkins

Parenthood and in particular motherhood can be quite overwhelming, especially for first-time mothers. 

Even with all the books and advice that you receive from friends and family, it can be quite a lot to manage, both mentally and physically. 

Not to mention the fact that each pregnancy is different, which brings a host of emotions and physical changes. 

This is why we were so happy to see one future mom turn to strangers for advice. What better way to make your mind up about what's important and what's not than by asking a community of parents who have no expectation from you?

Robyn's bio reads: "Intersectional Feminist. MA @ Wits. Writer. Runner. Bibliophile. She/Her. Disinformation destroys democracy." (X)

Her ability to be candid is a trait that is rare but extremely valued. It shows true courage to share your vulnerability with the world. 

Asking for advice is a great step in easing anxiety and her post is a great example of that, because we're certain after seeing the amount of replies, she felt somewhat better. The truth is Google may have a plethora of resources, but it can also be confusing for someone looking for real advice. 

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As a new parent, over and above the fact that you are going to have a little human in your care, there is the added pressure of preparing for the birth and the items both mom and baby will need after the birth. 

People came with their solid tips and advice and it really surprised us, in a good way. So often we see people using social media as a means to bash people, but this was honest and kind. 


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