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Kind Parenting: Why it's not always about saying yes

Is “lazy” parenting sometimes better for our children? 

Kind Parenting: Why It's Not Always About Saying Yes

Is "lazy" parenting, such as letting your kids make mistakes or not always doing everything for them, actually better for their development? Find out more in the latest KindnessCan podcast with Jane Linley-Thomas and psychologist Paul Bushell.

It's another light, fun, and practical KindnessCan podcast episode. This time Jane and Paul dip into the world of parenting and look at ways that parents can be kinder on their parenting journey. 

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And you might be surprised that being kinder doesn’t always mean saying yes, giving in, or doing all the work for your children. 

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, having obstacles in our path is an important way to learn how to deal with obstacles, and that we are able to deal with these obstacles. 

This becomes the basis for our Emotional Intelligence and other useful skill sets that are becoming more and more important in a constantly changing world. 

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More about Jane and Paul

Jane Linley-Thomas is a radio personality and speaker, mom of three precious children, founder of the Rejoyce Collection.

Paul Bushell is a psychologist, author and regular commentator on emotional intelligence and meaningful living.

New episodes drop every second Wednesday from 6am. 

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