Fake radiographer will serve her jail sentence on weekends only

Fake radiographer will serve her jail sentence on weekends only

This may sound bizarro, but it is actually based on the fact that she is a mother with an infant.

A woman who was caught acting like a radiographer at hospital
A woman who was caught acting like a radiographer at hospital/Facebook/@Mavundathanda Ray-ray Michael (Ray-ray)

We recently saw the allegedly fake doctor Matthew Lani get apprehended by authorities for his over-the-top portrayal of a medical doctor. 

Whether or not he did it for the views or if he has a medical condition that makes him believe he is a doctor, we are not sure, but to make such a bold claim comes with consequences. 

And now comes the story of a 27-year-old woman, Asisipho Mbekela, also known as the 'Bogus Radiographer'. 

Mbekela "worked at Livingstone Hospital in Gqeberha for almost a year before her bogus qualifications were discovered and has been handed an unusual sentence in the Specialised Commercial Crimes Court in Gqeberha." (2oceansvibe)

The fact that she worked at the hospital for almost a year without any suspicion is worrisome. Not to mention it leaves the hospital with a bad name...

But this is not the only bizarre part of this story. 

It's her sentence that has us confused. 

"The ‘periodical sentence’ of 2,000 hours behind bars is only eligible for weekends and means that Asisipho Mbekela will have to report to prison every Friday afternoon and then remain incarcerated until Sunday afternoons. She will spend about 36 hours in prison each weekend." (2oceansvibe)

This is quite unusual for someone who has broken the law, but Mbekela's sentence is quite unique as she has an infant in her care. 

The courts do reserve this sentence for mothers who have infants in their care. 

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The trial took five years and during this time, Mbekela became a mother. 

The courts are obviously taking the child's upbringing into consideration while also trying to reprimand Mbekela for her wrongdoing. 

"In the interest of the child, Magistrate Lionel Lindoor decided on the periodical sentence for Mbeleka to care for her son during the week. It will take her about 14 months to complete her sentence." (2oceansvibe)

Mbekela was caught out during her graduation in 2016 when it was learnt that she failed three of her four modules, but this didn't stop her from producing fake documents to make it seem like she was graduating. 

And she would've gotten away with it if not for an observant Professor who remembered her and reported her. She will begin her very bizarre sentence on the 17th of November 2023. 

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