Durban mom and author brings us two new children's books

Durban mom and author brings us two new children's books

"This book celebrates the incredible animals of Africa, giving a voice to those often overshadowed by the famous 'Big Five'. The combination of witty rhymes and beautiful illustrations make it even more captivating. It’s a treasure for the whole family to enjoy together." - Carol Ofori.

Carol Ofori and Roslynne Toerien at the East Coast Radio studio
Carol Ofori and Roslynne Toerien at the East Coast Radio studio/Supplied

This week, Carol Ofori celebrates Roslynne Toerien, a mother and author who has been on the show before. Torien returns with more children's books added to her portfolio. 

Toerien is a proudly South African mother of three young children, residing in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. She holds a Bachelor of Education and has a love for teaching, writing, and dance.

Toerien is the CEO and Founder of the South African Non-Profit Trust, The LEARN Project, which stands for ‘Let’s Educate A Rainbow Nation’ and aims to equip disadvantaged schools with libraries and book corners. 

She has been a guest speaker at several events and schools and was awarded The Paul Harris Fellows Award by the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.

Toerien is welcomed onto the Carol Ofori Show to celebrate two new children's books, 'The Forgotten Four' and 'The Speedy Six Olympics'. 

She lives by the motto, ‘Small actions lead to big change’, and this can be seen in the number of school LEARN library doors that have been opened and minds that have been unlocked through the power of books and literacy. 

We love how spirited Toerien is with her books and ability to spread hope. 

Last year, we celebrated Toerien with her other two children's books - read more about it here

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