Anele Tembe's family remembers her three years after passing

New book about Anele Tembe and AKA's love story to be released

" I have never been more freaked out by a story," says the author of the book. 

Anele Tembe
Anele Tembe / Twitter

It's been three years since Anele Tembe passed away. Tembe passed away on 11 April 2021. 

At the time of her death, Anele was engaged to Kiernan Forbes, known professionally as AKA. 

Netcare 911 spokesperson Shawn Herbst said she jumped from the 10th floor of the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town.

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Over the weekend, the father of Anele Tembe told SABC News that he suspects foul play in his daughter’s death.

“From what we’ve heard as facts, that she was actually recognised by or found out by some other lady in the street and so on and on, you know, unattended to. One got a sense that there could be some foul play, but one was not there. This matter is a subject of the inquest. I truly believe that the process must be respected. It would be amiss of me to get into the details of the inquest,” he told the broadcaster. 

Her sister also took to Twitter to remember Anele. 

"My life changed when yours ended, here on earth, 3yrs ago on this day," she wrote. 

"I love you always maTembe," she added. 

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Anele and AKA's upcoming book

A new book about Anele and AKA is to be released soon. 

The book, ‘When Love Kills’, is set to be released this week. It is authored by Melinda Ferguson, an award-winning author and journalist. 

Melinda took to Facebook to share the news about the book. 

“I have never worked harder on a book. I have never been more freaked out by a story... So here it is from the fire horse's mouth,” she shared in an announcement on Facebook. 

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