Durban man tries to be creative and mounts his camera on a taxi

Durban man tries to be creative and mounts his camera on a taxi

The ultimate fail for content... Don't ever doubt how speedy a taxi in South Africa can be.

A man rides his scooter in Durban central
A man rides his scooter in Durban central/TikTok Screenshot/@_mr_seller_

We've seen content creators try some extreme things for content in the past. 

But to see something so innocent yet naive of a fellow Durbanite has us laughing out loud. We must say that we do respect his hustle in trying to be creative despite the epic fail. 

A TikToker from Durban who goes by the name, Dokotela wamaqabunga, recently shared an epic fail video that he tried in Durban Central. 

He mounted his camera on the backside of a taxi and intended to follow with his scooter for content, but things didn't go quite as planned. 

We can give him a big thumbs up for trying out something creative, but he didn't think this through properly. The good part was that the content turned out to be quite cinematic in nature. 

Seeing the streets of Durban Central from the perspective of a moving taxi was quite interesting. 

Watch what happened to him in the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@_mr_seller_ #ugobelawamaqabunga #moonlightthebear #insta360go3 #drwamaqabunga ♬ original sound - Dokotela wamaqabunga

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Can you imagine the panic he must've been feeling when he saw the taxi disappear?

People joked with him, saying that he was lucky to have been in the area he was and still retrieved his camera. 

Luckily after 20 minutes, he was able to catch up with the taxi and retrieve his camera. Ah, just another exciting day in Durban. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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