Durban author Leonard Moodley writes a book about grief

Durban author Leonard Moodley writes a book about grief

Today we would like to show appreciation for Durbanites doing their best to make this world a better place. 

Durban author Leonard Moodley wearing a suit
Durban author Leonard Moodley wearing a suit/Supplied

Grief is something that many people have had to go through when losing a loved one, but it's a hard thing to navigate. 

Many people struggle with the process, sometimes not even acknowledging that they need help. Living with that kind of weight can be detrimental to one's health. 

It is for this very reason that we were so delighted to hear about a Durban author's first book release that centres around grief. 

Leonard Moodley, a first-time author and grief survivor, learned about grief at a young and tender age. He was just three years and 10 months old when he lost his mother and from then, the personal tragedies didn't stop. 

We asked Moodley what motivated him to write the book and, of course, he admitted that this was not just an act of love, but also a personal journey of dealing with his grief. 

He said: "When I started writing this book, I began to feel a bit uneasy. The reason was obvious, I was venturing deep within my own experiences and talking about that which is not spoken of. Accept this book as I intended it to be, as an act of love. 

"If you are mourning the loss of a loved one, the messages in this book may help you put to words what you are feeling. This book is about healing. It will open up your feelings and emotions. Take time to let the words absorb you and consume you. May you be healed from that which you cannot speak."

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The book, 'When Tomorrow Starts Without Me, We Didn't Get to Say Goodbye', will be released in March 2024. Moodley is a debut author and is self-publishing his book, which means that there are more steps to follow; for example, where the book will be sold. 

The book will cost R250 and Moodley will be selling his book at different venues in the upcoming weeks leading up to the release. This information will be released on his social media platforms. 

Facebook: Leonard Moodley

Instagram: moodley_len

Email: [email protected]

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