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LISTEN | Dali Tambo: Life in Exile and the Current State of South Africa

Season Two of The Carol Ofori Podcast kicks off with an intimate and honest conversation with Dali Tambo.

Dali Tambo on The Carol Ofori Podcast
Dali Tambo & ECR

When you think of the dawn of democracy in South Africa, and one of the pioneers of SA television at the time, there can be only one man that springs to mind.  The man who was there, asking the tough questions on public broadcaster, the SABC; and profiling the people we probably would never have heard of otherwise. 

That man was none other than Dali Tambo. Dali is a South African businessman, activist, film and television presenter, director and producer. 

His show was People of the South which he created, directed, produced and presented for over a decade.

Dali is the son of the South African ANC presidential couple, Oliver and Adelaide Tambo. The late Oliver Reginald Tambo is a well-known South African anti-apartheid politician and revolutionary who served as President of the African National Congress from 1967 to 1991. 

Dali and his family left South Africa in 1960 for England where he spent 30 years in exile with his parents and sisters, Tembi and Tselane. He's married to Rachel, and they have four children. 

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In this first episode of Season Two of The Carol Ofori Podcast, Dali offers intimate and personal glimpses into his early family life. He delves into his experiences in exile and provides a candid perspective on growing up amidst revolutionaries and freedom fighters. 

Dali shares insights on his legendary talk show, People of the South and speaks about the highs and lows of hosting the arguably most revolutionary television production of its time. 

Dali also offers his brutally honest thoughts on the current state of South Africa. Listen to the episode above or watch it below.

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Kiernan and Lynn Forbes
Lynn Forbes

The motivational speaker talked candidly about how the Forbes family is trying to pick up the pieces after the devastating loss.  She also talked about the heartbreaking moment she stumbled across the haunting video of her son’s brutal murder on social media. 

Lynn, or ‘Glammy’ as she is affectionately known, said the Forbes family is “getting through the days” as best they can, but accepts that their lives have forever been changed. 

Listen to Carol Ofori’s full interview with Lynn Forbes below:  

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