Dad reacts to daughter asking him what 'Lobola' means

Dad reacts to daughter asking him what 'Lobola' means

When your father says that no one can afford Lobola...

A multi-racial couple standing in the kitchen wearing robes
A multi-racial couple standing in the kitchen wearing robes/TikTok Screenshot/@sarahandjabzz

When it comes to dads and daughters, the bond is undeniable. 

But it is also difficult for dads who have to look to the day when their baby girls grow up. The relationship evolves and becomes different. Where once dads were a little girl's first love, they eventually become an old love, but a love nevertheless. 

A daughter videoed her dad's response to a very important question. The 11-year-old asked her dad what the meaning of 'Lobola' was and he was shocked that she had even heard of the concept. 

Dad was shocked by the mere mention of someone asking for Lobola and went on to say that even when she was 50, no one would be able to afford his daughter. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@sarahandjabzz The father and daughter bond is too deep. His reaction just says it all! #couple #daddysgirl #reaction ♬ original sound - Sarah & Jabzz

Dad went on to explain what Lobola meant and explained that it was the amount of money that the groom's family gives the bride's family. 

But many people came for dad in the comments section, saying that he was wrong in the manner in which he explained this. They said that Lobola did not mean the money you pay for buying a bride, but rather a gift of appreciation to the bride's family for bringing her up well. 

He stood his ground in the comments just as he did with his little girl. It seems that the idea of Lobola is open to different interpretations according to this TikToker. 

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According to Legalwise, "Lobolo, also known as bogadi, bohali, lumalo or ikhasi, is when a man gives a gift to his girlfriend’s family when he wants to marry her in respect of custom. The giving of lobolo is agreed to between the two families of the couple (the future husband and wife). Cattle was traditionally given as lobolo, but money or other gifts can also be given." 

It seems he has a different interpretation of the ideology set forth by others and the LegalWise website. Nevertheless, the point is that he was not at all happy discussing the idea of someone paying Lobola one day for his baby girl. 

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