'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston reveals secret to long-lasting marriage

'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston reveals secret to long-lasting marriage

She's a lovely lady...

Actor Bryan Cranston sitting in a hair and makeup chair
Actor Bryan Cranston / Instagram (@bryancranston)

Actor Bryan Cranston is opening up about married life with his wife of 34 years, Robin Dearden. 

Bryan, who played Walter White on the hit TV show 'Breaking Bad', says the recipe for a successful relationship is quite simple.

"Marry the right person. I think there are five things that you should look for in a mate. Whatever those five things are to you, you need those five things. After that, let it go. We’re never going to be completely alike on everything," he told People magazine. 

The 'Malcolm in the Middle' actor added that he doesn't go shopping with his wife and that's okay. 

“I just don’t like it and she doesn’t like things that I like to do either.”

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Bryan and Robin will be spending more quality time together in a few years. The actor revealed in a June 2023 Instagram post that he plans to take a break from acting in 2026.

"I am going to do is hit the pause button for a year after I reach my 70th birthday in 2026. Holy crap - 70! I’m not even sure what ‘pausing’ means entirely, but at this moment, I think it means that by taking a year off it will provide several things," he wrote. 

The 67-year-old says it will also give him a chance to reset his career, take a break from social media, and more importantly spend some time with his wife.

"It will allow me to spend time with Robin (my beautiful wife of 34 years now) in a way that I haven’t been able to in the last 25 years…not as a wife of a celebrity, but as a loving married couple entering into - well, let’s be honest, our latter years, with new hopes and goals and experiences."

Read his full post below. 

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Main image credit: Instagram/@bryancranston

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