How to safeguard against cybercrime this festive season

How to safeguard against cybercrime this festive season

It's silly season and the scammers are prowling everywhere, so, Carol Ofori chatted to a cybersecurity expert about some safety tips we can follow this holiday season.

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A security logo on a computer screen/Pexels/@Pixabay

Usually, when a deal seems too good to be true, it is. Trusting our gut is the best thing to do when it comes to scams. 

This is what the Cybersecurity Director at Ernst and Young, Brandon Naicker, had to say while talking to Carol Ofori about cybercrime. 

As we approach the silly season, there are more and more con artists creeping up, not to mention more and more crimes.

This is why Carol Ofori decided to chat with Naicker about the trending crimes circulating at the moment and to get some insight into how we should handle it if we suspect cybercrime. 

Carol Ofori shared how recently she received an email from a scammer who was posing as her bank. 

She examined the mirror site quite intensely and noticed that there was something as simple as a forward slash/backslash that differed from her authentic bank website.

Naicker urged people to be wary because, with the continuous advancement in tech and artificial intelligence, it has become easier to create fake bank accounts that appear legit. 

Cybercriminals are quick to use your personal information against you. So, they can troll your social media and impersonate a friend. 

The popular attacks taking place right now over and above the phishing scams are the 'urgent request scams'. It's important to pause before acting and always question whether cybercriminals could potentially use information against you. 

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Naicker also said that we should try as little as possible to share our important information online. 

Cybercriminals can use something as simple as your mobile number to reel you into a scam. All in all, always be on the lookout because cybercrime is on the rise. 

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