Is divorce a taboo subject in your family?

Is divorce a taboo subject in your family?

Relationships are hard enough without your family's opinion about what it should be like...

Unhappy black couple sitting on the bed
Unhappy black couple sitting on the bed/Pexels/@AlexGreen

Far too often we are of the opinion that we have to live up to a certain standard or be a certain way so that everyone is happy with us. 

The only thing that can do for anyone is lead to unhappiness. 

Traditionally, many Indian (in India) households have been known to look down on the idea of broken marriages. But as we progress as a community, we notice that the ideals passed on from generation to generation are evolving. 

One father has been hailed a breaker of taboos in India after he celebrated his daughter coming home from her in-laws' home. 

"In India (and Guyana), divorce is often considered taboo, with many parents frowning upon their daughters for leaving a toxic marriage. However, an Indian father, Prem Gupta, recently defied these norms. He welcomed his daughter back home as she chose to leave her in-laws' house, breaking stereotypes." (Instagram)

What really stood out for us was the fact that the community came together to support this father in his mission to be a good father. 


Watch how she left her toxic marriage with the support of her father. 

Courtesy of Facebook

There are many families (not just Indian families, despite what we see on networks like Zee TV and Star Life) that believe that divorce equals failure. 

And the truth is that even though not all marriages are meant to be, it's about life experience and for the people in the marriage to come to that decision on their own. 

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